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    Within the framework of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications, the professional field of Agrarian Studies encompasses a broad range of productive activities, grouped into four areas: agriculture, forestry, livestock and gardening.

    The CRNJ is the only National Reference Centre dedicated to the field of Gardening in all of Spain. The main initiatives included in its training schemes are the introduction of innovative work procedures and advances produced in the sector, the drawing up, updating and teaching of all Profession Skills certificates in this field, as well as the preparation of learning and assessment guides.

    In addition to all this, in line with the objectives set out in the National Multi-annual Programme, the CRNJ carries out a wide range of other initiatives. One of these is to offer courses which enable teachers to improve their technical skills, update their knowledge and enhance their professional abilities in areas related to Gardening. Another important activity is the setting- up of sector maps, in which national institutions, companies, technological, training and employment centres in the field of gardening and floristry are identified. The CRNJ will continue to further initiatives that promote excellence in professional training activities within the field of gardening. It will also strive to offer other activities that help improve training schemes, constantly adapting these so as to keep up with developments made in the job market. In addition, it will make great efforts to remain up-to-date with new technologies, preparing content for teaching online, such as in blended learning programmes.


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